Sarah Palin's Father to Brody File: 'There's Been So Much Baloney Written about Her'

Sarah Palin's Father to Brody File: 'There's Been So Much Baloney Written about Her'


Watch The Brody File interview Sarah Palin's father and brother, Chuck Heath Sr and Chuck Heath Jr., as they talk about their daughter and sister in their new book called, Our Sarah: Made in Alaska.

They appeared on this past week's Brody File show in D.C.

David Brody: I want to ask the Papa Grizzly, if you will.

Chuck Heath Sr: Okay.

Brody: About how much of a cathartic experience this might have been for you, in terms of you writing a book about, look, you were angry at these critics, at some folks along the way, and yet you say you've been able to get past that, though, there is still, I'm sure, some lingering frustration. What has this been like for you to kind of get that out, if you will?

Heath Sr.: Well, there's been so much bologna written about her. He (his son) had to pull me off a guy or two, so to say, shut me up, in other words. And this gives us a chance to tell the true story.

Heath Sr.: She got most of her spiritual upbringing and her faith from her mom. Her mom is very religious, not a religious nut or anything like that. And the kids always ask me, 'Well, why don't you go to church with us and everything. And I do sometimes, but my God is a God of the mountains, a God of the streams, a God of the forest. Same God. Same God that you have. But, I worship in a different way. I pray. But I pray to the God of the mountains.

Brody: But you don't like all that, religiosity. That religion stuff.

Heath Sr.: Yeah. Basically. You said it very well.

Brody: Chuck Jr., let me ask you about, look, you revisit this, and you're pretty open about it. The McCain staffers and some of the stuff that they did. Not to revisit 2008, but how frustrating was it for you, and family at the time, to see not the Democrats turn on Sarah, necessarily, they never really turned on her, they were always out to get her, but the folks within the McCain campaign. How saddened, frustrated, angry were you about that, and how did you deal with that?

Chuck Heath Jr.: We were very frustrated at the time, and I remember talking to dad, starting right with the 2008 convention, and we talked about that, you probably read that in the book, where as she was making that first convention speech, I leaned over and whispered in his ear, that doesn't sound like the real Sarah at the beginning of the speech.

And then when they had the little teleprompter flub, and she went off on her own, the rogue part, that's where she instantly made the connection with the audience, and it, that atmosphere just became electric in there.

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