Ted Cruz and The Gospel

Ted Cruz and The Gospel


The pictures below say it all.

Ted Cruz has something special and Thursday in his hometown of Houston Texas it was clearly on display. The Brody File saw it up close. He came to his home church here (Houston’s First Baptist Church) to hold court about the Houston pastors who have come under a vicious religious liberty attack by city officials, led by the mayor. As Cruz was speaking, he was in his element because what he has is not a political skill.  Nor is it an intellectual one.  When it comes to his relationship with evangelicals, he has a spiritual connection. He is one of them. He gets them and they get him. And one thing’s for certain: He’s not ashamed of the Gospel. Far from it. Cruz wears his faith on his sleeve and is proud of it. 

This press conference was heartfelt. This was no political stunt.  Look folks, his father has been a traveling preacher for years. Cruz is well versed in the Bible. It’s at the core of who he is. In my many interviews with him over the years, he loves to talk about Jesus but hey, I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday. I know when politicians bring up faith for political reasons. Cruz doesn’t do that. 

This Houston Pastors story will fan the flames of the religious liberty issue in America. Ted Cruz is well positioned to lead on this issue because he lives it and breathes it. It’s at the core of his being. Other possible presidential candidates believe just as much in the religious liberty issue and in 2016, they’ll discuss it with fervor. But Cruz comes from a different place. Not only has he defended religious liberty cases in court, he defends it in public with the word of God. He has the “street cred” to make this a signature issue in his bid to strongly woo the evangelical vote. Watching him in action Thursday, in front of a passionate overflow room gave me pause. It made me realize that this is the issue that could set him apart from others with the evangelical audience. If Mike Huckabee runs, he’ll be right in the mix too but at this point, Cruz seems to be leading the way on this. It looks to be his evangelical calling card and a heartfelt one at that.

And here are some Brody File pictures showing Cruz in rare form.


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