Only on Brody File: Senior Aide Says President Has Full Confidence in Priebus

Only on Brody File: Senior Aide Says President Has Full Confidence in Priebus

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A senior aide inside the White House told CBN News that President Trump has "full confidence" in Chief of Staff Reince Priebus despite media reports to the contrary.

"In private meetings, I’ve personally heard and seen the confidence the president has in Priebus," the senior aide told me. It should be noted that this source is not someone who is a former RNC backer inside The White House who might be prone to defending Priebus, who used to head up the Republican National Committee.

The comments to CBN News by this senior aide come on a day where the chief of staff received a big vote of confidence from the president himself. While the media is obsessed with palace intrigue stories regarding how Priebus may be in trouble, the president stuck his neck out for a man who has stood by him during the darkest of times. Trump tried to put to rest any thoughts that Priebus was in trouble.

“This is a fine-tuned machine and Reince happens to be doing a good job but half of his job is putting out lies by the press,” Trump said.

The president wasn’t finished.

“I said to him yesterday this whole Russia scam that you guys are building so that you don’t talk about the real subject, which is illegal leaks, but I watched him yesterday working so hard to try and get that story proper," he continued. "And I’m saying 'here’s my chief of staff,' a really good guy, did a phenomenal job at RNC. I mean, he won the election, right? We won the presidency. We got some senators, we got some - all over the country, you take a look, he’s done a great job."

"And I said to myself, you know - and I said to somebody that was in the room, I said, 'You take a look at Reince, he’s working so hard just putting out fires that are fake fires,' he said. "I mean, they’re fake. They’re not true. And isn’t that a shame because he’d rather be working on healthcare. He’d rather be working on tax reform.”

Look folks, if Priebus was in any real trouble, you think the president of the United States would come to his defense in such a forceful away? I think not. Priebus has been loyal to Trump and that means something. 

I get it. The palace intrigue stories are sexy and they sell. But I bet if we start calculating the rate of how many times these reports actually come to fruition, I think you'll find that it's a pretty low number. In this case, Trump is a man who values loyalty. And oh, by the way, it wouldn't be the first time the media got it all wrong in an attempt to create more drama than there really is. 

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