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Conflict can serve as a catalyst for change and an opportunity for spiritual growth. Conflicts are opportunities to learn how to rely more faithfully on God.

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Bible Teachings on Conflict

Do you ever wonder what purpose conflict can have in life? God may be using it to build your spiritual muscles! When David was a shepherd boy...

Where there are two human beings, there is the potential for fighting. Part of the human condition is that people do quarrel. And some of the...

You won't find a promise in the Bible that you will never have enemies. In fact, the Bible makes it plain that people of faith will have enemies and...

Questions about Conflict

It is proper for a Christian to be involved in police work or in military service. There has to be law and order, for no one is safe when there is...

An evil exists that we all too easily become part of when we plant seeds of hatred, greed, and judgment. It happens quite unconsciously.

That question was asked of Jesus: "Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?" He said, "Show Me the tax money." They gave Him the denarius, on...

Devotions about Conflict

The same people who shouted "Hosanna in the Highest" were later crying out for Jesus Christ's crucifixion. Perhaps we are no different than...

It's natural for dogs to dig and hide bones. And it's natural for humans to hide things as well.

Countries go to war and couples go to divorce court over mere words. The tongue is a weapon, that's for sure.

Allowing God to change me immediately changed how I responded to what I faced at work.

If I dwell on how others should and ought to be doing something, there is conflict. Instead of holding on, I need to release people and circumstances...

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Videos about Conflict

Scott Ross hits the streets to speak with young people about how a Trump presidency has affected their relationships.

Chaplain Barry C. Black discusses how, through looking at the Scriptures, we can thrive in this turbulent and confusing times.

Alexey, Olga, and their three children make their home in Slavyansk, which was caught in the conflict of eastern Ukraine. Shells destroyed their...

President Obama’s comparison of the Crusades with the atrocities of ISIS is not only historically inaccurate, it also adds fuel to the fire of the...

As the conflict increases in Eastern Ukraine, orphans and their caregivers are caught in the terrifying crossfire. See how you helped them escape.

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Articles on Conflict

Couple talking

Five Steps to Removing Dysfunction from Your Marriage

Because 'hurting people hurt people', dysfunctional communication, unless interrupted and improved upon, leads to even more dysfunctionality.

Narcissistic man

Can a Narcissist Really Change?

Dr. David Hawkins shares a recent counseling session he had with seven emotionally abusive men. Find out what he discovered.

Man using cell phone

Need Some Relationship First Aid?

Most of us have gone through difficult times in a relationship. Some of you might even be on the brink of losing it. Don't give up hope!

Mature couple in an argument

Changes in Your Marriage Won't Happen Overnight

It is the nature of all things to revert back into chaos. If you don't establish a clear plan and accountability for change, you will be disappointed...

Wife yelling at husband

The Truth about Anger

If you or someone you love struggles with anger, consider some of these action steps.

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