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During life’s biggest struggles, it helps to hear words of encouragement. Reading some encouraging Bible verses will help provide perspective and hope.

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Bible Teachings on Encouragement

These selected inspiring Bible verses remind us of God's relationship with us, his plans for us and his mighty power. God offers us the only true way...

The Bible is God's word of encouragement to mankind - God loves us, is the only one who is always with us, and is our source of hope. 

As you look forward, are you viewing the future with fear -- or faith? As believers, we should move forward with confidence, based on the eternal...

The old sailor looked at the skies and saw a dark storm coming. As the sea became rough and choppy, the old salt calmly lowered the heavy-chained...

The apostle John wrote, "Perfect love casts out fear, for fear has torment" (see I John 4:18). The main cause of fear is an excessive concern about...

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Questions about Encouragement

I remember as a teenager watching the popular television action series Mission: Impossible. Every episode began with a secret agent and a tape. The...

Prayer is talking with God — like chatting with a best friend over coffee or a Coke. At first, it may seem a bit silly to contemplate. 

Devotions about Encouragement

God's plan, in God's time, with God's people always produces fruit, but that doesn't mean we won't stumble and fail our way forward.

When God gives you something to do, He always gives you the enabling grace to do it, regardless of how dauntingly impossible the task may seem.

When we have goals, dreams, or methods that will end up destroying us, God steps in to destroy such plans.

When we run the race of faith with our eyes fixed on Jesus, we can have assurance that one day we will claim the prize that never fades away.

Very often our struggles are not a control issue; they’re a trust issue.

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Videos about Encouragement

Sadie Robertson joins the 700 Club to talk about the WinterJam Tour, her new devotional, and how she motivates young people to live up to their...

One ministry is encouraging America’s armed forces with God’s word using a unique tool called The Bible Stick.

Singer Natalie Grant shares about her journey to finding her calling, and encourages women to live out their God-given passions in her new book,...

Madalynn, a young girl with autism and battling cancer, loves to swing but couldn’t enjoy a public park because chemotherapy compromised her immune...

Co-founder of the US Prayer Center, Alice Smith shares her vision for America and discusses praying for America and seeking God's heart.

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Articles on Encouragement

God planted the abilities, desires, and dreams within our spirits to begin with. We just have to realize that He wants us to succeed even more...

In her latest book, Total Family Makeover, author Melissa Spoelstra identifies eight key habits of personal spiritual growth that is critically...

I can live for two months on a good compliment.—Mark Twain  I want to encourage you to give a great compliment.  It can revolutionize...

It’s a new season for one of my favorite shows, NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Each week the contestants participate in challenges, feverishly exercise,...

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