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Homosexuality is a sin. The Bible describes same-sex sexual desires as contrary to normal sexual desires and a result of people refusing to worship God (Romans 1).

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Emily called herself a Christian but lead a life of homosexuality, drug use, lying, and rebellion. One night, she googled some Bible verses and...

Speaker Kegan Wesley shares how he was delivered from a lifestyle of homosexuality and drug addiction.

An absent father left Steve confused about what it meant to be a man and Steve’s artistic talents exposed him to a homosexual community where he...

The sexual abuse José survived at just five years of age at the hands of a male neighbor left him confused and searching for love and attention.

Bill longed for affection from his dad, and in his teen years sought what he was missing from another young man. Throughout his life and career as an...

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He was the adopted son of Hollywood royalty and called the President of the United States “Dad.” However, Michael Reagan was hiding a dark secret...

Sophia's popularity as a minister is a far cry from her past of loneliness, abuse, homosexuality. See how she uses her story to lead others into...

Don’t demand that people achieve perfection before they are acceptable to you. Love them with the love of Jesus. 

Author Tom Gilson helps parents cut through the lies and political correctness and find a way to impart truth to their teens.

Since Adam and Eve, marriage has been defined, both biblically and socially, as the union of a man and a woman. How does the church respond after a...

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