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Leadership is a recognized gift under God's authority and direction. We are all called to be leaders and bring people to know the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

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Questions about Leadership

Sure, it’s the pastor, but there’s more to the answer.

The world is desperate for Christian youth who know their stuff. What does your teenager know?

Devotions about Leadership

"Are we there yet?" My whining resounded off the massive rock that I was desperately trying to climb.

Leaving God's commandments to our own interpretation is a slippery slope.

You’re only as successful as the team is. Christianity, and life really, are team sports. The key to success is knowing how to work with others.

Worry is a form of unbelief. When God assigns us a task to do, anxiety can set in as to whether we are up to accomplishing it.

The comforts of this world, so abundant for so long, are beginning to fail us.

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Videos about Leadership

Students from Regent University discuss working with organizations around the world to combat human trafficking, protect children, secure religious...

Sadie Robertson joins the 700 Club to talk about the WinterJam Tour, her new devotional, and how she motivates young people to live up to their...

Convict turned CEO, Jay Coughlan shares how he lost his father while driving drunk, and how he accepted Christ and rose above his circumstances to...

Pastor David Stine from Metro Church shares the vision he received while getting his doctorate at Regent University, and discusses how to combine...

Napoleon Kaufman is a former Oakland Raiders running back who surprisingly retired in the prime of his successful, NFL career at the age of 27. He...

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Pay It Forward - Step 12 in Addiction Recovery

We are not the source for recovering addicts, that's God's job. However, we are a resource because we've been down that road.

In her latest book, Total Family Makeover, author Melissa Spoelstra identifies eight key habits of personal spiritual growth that is critically...

Author David Richardson wants to help people to see through the assumptions being made in the things they encounter daily in what they read, watch...

Even at an early age, the tech world gives children the opportunity to develop a somewhat private world, separate from their family life.

Chick-fil-A Vice President Dee Ann Turner believes her company's success is something much more than selling a tasty chicken sandwich.

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