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Motherhood is celebrated Mother's Day, May 14, 2017. Godly mothers provide our earliest glimpse of God's relationship with us - nurture, guide, love, and discipline.

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Bible Teachings on Motherhood

Take time to learn about mothers and their supportive roles. These verses are examples of the love of a mother.

Devotions about Motherhood

How could God reference Himself as a protective mother, lest He’d poured His compassionate nature into the mother’s heart?

The Lord gives each of us special gifts. How is He calling you to use them? Remember, God does not ask us about our ability or disability — but our...

As our children watch Godly mothers lean on the Lord, they too will understand that the lifestyle of calling on God, all the while trusting in Him,...

Sometimes crises come one atop the other and it feels like more than we can handle. Thankfully, we don't have to navigate life's challenges alone....

Thrift stores, garage sales, rummage and yard sales—treasure hunting, that’s what it is. Sometimes the items don’t much resemble anything like gems.

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Videos about Motherhood

Tom spent his entire life getting knocked down and fighting back, until one day he realized he didn’t have to fight anymore.

Maria worked hard but didn’t understand the value of money or the danger of debt. See what she learned that brought her out of overwhelming guilt and...

Chinni’s mother was cutting vegetables during a lunar eclipse. That’s why her baby was born with a cleft lip, so she thought. Soon these poverty-...

A deadly typhoon in the Philippines left 5-year-old Armel without food for five days. His house was gone, and he lost his mother and grandfather. See...

Three friends fell through the ice of the frozen lake in their neighborhood. When 14-year-old John was the only one left trapped, his family prayed...

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Articles on Motherhood

Woman in India a First-Time Mom at 72

A 72-year-old Indian woman and her 79-year-old husband have become parents for the first time.

Sad woman

Teaching Kids How to Accept Forgiveness

Have you ever struggled with forgiving yourself? Have you ever had a hard time of letting go and falling into the loving arms of Jesus?

Mom and daughter hugging

Four Qualities of a Great Mom

We've all known that special woman who seems to embody our idea of a great mom. And we all want to hear from our children that we were great moms.

Stressed-out mom

Do You Ever Feel Like an Inferior Mom?

There are moments when I actually feel so overwhelmed that I just feel like shutting down.

Bestselling author Karen Ehman and blogger Ruth Schwenk share their mothering adventures and expose 10 myths of motherhood.

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