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Patience reveals our faith in God’s timing and ultimate will for our lives. It is strengthened through trials and tribulations.

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Questions about Patience

Living in our instant gratification world, patience seems to be in small supply. 

Devotions about Patience

In the same manner that floodgates are forced open with continuous rainfall, the floodgates of Heaven burst open with our continuous prayers.

Faith, even if it’s like seed strewn on granite, can go deep and produce a harvest when we keep watering it with God’s Word.

Unconditional joy - oh, if we could only learn how to grasp it.

When life interrupts our plans, how will we respond?

What has God allowed in your life today? Are you still asking God, “Why me?” or are you ready to say “What’s next Lord?”

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Videos about Patience

What should Christians do when God doesn’t heal them? Cameron did not doubt God could do miracles, in fact he personally witnessed one. However, when...

When doctors told Diane that nothing could be done to cure her chronic back pain after a car accident, she decided instead to believe that nothing...

Terry and Gordon discuss Terry's journey through her adoption of 3 girls from the Ukraine.

Articles on Patience

Being in the club of those who have been sexually abused and assaulted can be exclusive in a way you never wanted to be.


Patient and Peaceful "Othering"

"Peace on earth, good will toward men" can be found at Christmas and New Year's by making the holidays less about "self."

Don’t settle for less than an intimate relationship with God! Develop these three keys to spiritual maturity.

It began when my husband lost his job. But it didn’t happen immediately. At first, I was not worried at all.God will take care of us. This is just an...

In our American, fast-paced culture, we want things to happen, like, yesterday. And if not yesterday, then … well … NOW!We grab our quick-brew coffee...

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