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Patience reveals our faith in God’s timing and ultimate will for our lives. It is strengthened through trials and tribulations.

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Questions about Patience

Living in our instant gratification world, patience seems to be in small supply. 

Devotions about Patience

Doesn’t the Lord promise to take care of things in our life when we just give it to Him? The Lord created the earth, so He surely knows how to put...

God answers prayers. It's just not usually how we pictured our prayers getting answered.

When a former student stops beside the Jacuzzi and recognizes her face, Mrs. Parker hoped that's all that was showing above the...

It does no good to be impatient with God. Every time we try to hurry His actions or our reactions, we chase after other gods, other idols to make...

The biggest compliment that we can receive is to be told we look like our Father.

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Videos about Patience

What should Christians do when God doesn’t heal them? Cameron did not doubt God could do miracles, in fact he personally witnessed one. However, when...

When doctors told Diane that nothing could be done to cure her chronic back pain after a car accident, she decided instead to believe that nothing...

Terry and Gordon discuss Terry's journey through her adoption of 3 girls from the Ukraine.

Articles on Patience

It began when my husband lost his job. But it didn’t happen immediately. At first, I was not worried at all.God will take care of us. This is just an...

In our American, fast-paced culture, we want things to happen, like, yesterday. And if not yesterday, then … well … NOW!We grab our quick-brew coffee...

Waiting in line.I can see the hairs on the back of your neck starting to rise at the idea. Whether it’s at the bank, the grocery store or the airport...

Why do leaves change their colors in the fall? There are in fact several different reasons, but the most important is the increasing length of night...

New study says Christians struggle with forgiveness and patience.

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