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In our walk with God, we sometimes lose faith. A revival is a reawakening to God’s love in our lives and our obedience to Him.

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Questions about Revival

When we begin to contemplate the conditions of revival, we need to start with the "unplowed ground" in our own hearts - any obstacles to loving...

The words born again have been repeated so often that we forget their meaning. When Jesus first told Nicodemus (a very wise and religious man, by the...

Devotions about Revival

We need a revival, to recapture our first love, turn back to the God of power and might, the God of love who changes lives and heals broken hearts.

Have we forgotten, what God calls sin is still sin? Do we need to be reminded there are no big and small sins?

Be careful that your motivations for fasting, and observing Lent for that matter, are to honor God and not to show off how spiritual and reverent you...

Jesus is the great Master Artist, who can create a masterpiece in you by gathering the fragmented pieces of your life and reconstructing them again...

Videos about Revival

NYT best selling author Judah Smith shares how true rest is rooted in God himself.

Author and speaker Nick Hall challenges Christians who have been distracted by cultured to focus on Jesus, and will discuss the upcoming event in DC...

CBN News reporter Wendy Griffith shares that revival is spreading through the schools and churches of her home state, West Virginia.

A young Jewish man has a vision that led to a life-long obsession to revive Hebrew as a spoken language.

A Christian revival is touching the northernmost reaches of Africa. In a region once hostile to the Gospel, tens of thousands of Muslims are...

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Articles on Revival

Positioned to be one of the largest live theatrical events in history, Cameron, best known to faith audiences for his roles in Fireproof and the Left...

kirk cameron

Kirk Cameron: Don't Sit Home on Election Day

Actor Kirk Cameron is talling Christians, "God, working through us, is the solution" to America's problems.

Chuck Swindoll: Ours is a whole new world, and nothing has been more adversely affected by postmodernism than the church andits relationship to God’s...

When we begin to contemplate the conditions of revival, we need to start with the "unplowed ground."

Revival means “life again.” You’ve had life and now life is stirred again.

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