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700 Club Canada: February 23, 2018

André Schutten – a lawyer from ARPA Canada – joins Brian to discuss the issue of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Canada. Both are currently legal, and many questions persist when it comes to the application of these laws. Brian and André discuss the Lamb case in British Columbia and the implications it brings forth.

700 Club Canada: February 22, 2018

Ashley Dailey wanted her father’s love but never got it. She chased boys and drugs until she met God and realized his love was all she needed.

700 Club Canada: February 21, 2018

After 10 years of studying meditation, teaching yoga and communicating with spirits, Jessica Smith began experiencing the demonic in her life. She decided to work with Jesus Christ and not the spirit guides she trusted for years.

700 Club Canada: February 20, 2018

Lisa Henley had been arrested 31 times by the time she turned 44. Leading a life of homelessness, drug addiction and prostitution landed her in jail. But after years in the cell, something changed.

700 Club Canada: February 19, 2018

Happy Family Day! Today’s show features a full length Superbook episode entitled ‘Noah and the Ark’.

700 Club Canada: February 16, 2018

Whitney Cerak-Wheele was in a horrific car accident with five others. Everyone thought she had died, and they had a funeral for her.

700 Club Canada: February 15, 2018

Leanne Cabral is an author, speaker and parenting expert. Her book 'A Parent's Best Gift' is all about showing our kids who Jesus is in a practical way that applies to every day life. She and Laura-Lynn talk about the importance of intentional living, and the obstacles that entangled her in her own parenting journey.

Learn more at: http://www.leannecabral.com

700 Club Canada: February 14, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for February 14, 2018

700 Club Canada: February 13, 2018

Ben and Heidi Herbert’s comfortable marriage began falling apart when Ben returned from deployment with PTSD. Watch what happened when they gave their lives to Christ.

700 Club Canada: February 12, 2018

Scott and Renee Welsch longed to have children but were unable to conceive. So the couple decided to pursue foster care and adoption. While raising 20 foster kids, God blessed them with the birth of their biological daughter.

700 Club Canada: February 9, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for February 9, 2018

700 Club Canada: February 8, 2018

Ashley Hallford credits her faith as the reason she miraculously survived Stage 4 brain cancer a decade ago, after being told she had mere days to live. Plus, French horn player, Duane Dugger, struggled for years to play through the pain of TMJ. Watch what happened when he let go of his pride and began to pray.

700 Club Canada: February 7, 2018

Jennifer McGill, once a child star on ‘The New Mickey Mouse Club’ was on top of the world, doing what she loved. But when the fame went away, she felt empty and broken.

700 Club Canada: February 6, 2018

Jennifer and Chris Skogh were pleased that their fourth pregnancy appeared normal. But during a 2nd trimester screening, Jennifer was told her baby had multiple birth defects and was encouraged to terminate the pregnancy. Through prayer, the Skoghs and their friends and family witnessed a miracle from God.

700 Club Canada: February 5, 2018

Jared Brock is the author of ‘Bearded Gospel Men’, a 31-day devotional for men all about manliness, godliness and wisdom. Brian and Jared discuss Jared’s journey to writing the book and the greatest beards he saw along the way.

To learn more about Jared or to order the book, visit: beardedgospelmen.com

700 Club Canada: February 2, 2018

At five years old, Vallerie witnessed her father murder her mother, and later found out he also killed himself. She tried to overcome the feelings of loneliness and abandonment through drinking, men and motherhood – only to find that the true way to overcome comes through Christ alone.