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The Global Lane - January 17, 2019

The Global Lane - January 17, 2019

The Global Lane - January 10, 2019

Canada’s identity crisis. Dangerous multicultural road; China’s Uyghurs sent to re-education camps; Campus Antisemitism rising. How American college students discover truth about Israel; Presidential tax return transparency demands from Congress.

The Global Lane - January 3, 2019

Christian crackdown in China includes children videotaped & banned from church; Kurds respond to Trump’s Syria pullout; Bringing physical & spiritual healing. Dr. Paul Osteen on Africa missions; No China trade deal without religious freedom.

The Global Lane - December 27, 2018

2018 saw persecution grow for Nepal children, Nigeria Christians, Rohingya Muslims in Myanamar, and Jews around the world. Some of our top segments and international issues of 2018 from the Global Lane.

The Global Lane - December 20, 2018

Some of our best Set It Straight segments of 2018. What the government is doing with your child’s DNA without receiving parental permission; African Americans abandon Democrat politics; burned out pastors leaving churches; how to jump start your day.

The Global Lane - December 13, 2018

Suffering Iraqi Christians celebrate Christmas at home for first time in 5-years, Help is on the way; Muslim Christmas outreach in Dearborn, Michigan; Minnesota State University Mary consent outrage; People attempting to steal away our Christmas joy.

The Global Lane - December 6, 2018

2018 robust year for U.S. economy. More to come in 2019? How a Catholic nun is combating cholera in Haiti & winning; Best days ahead, or is America headed for disaster? Final farewell. Why America will miss the experience & character of Bush 41.

The Global Lane - November 30, 2018

Border chaos, media obsession over tear-gassed asylum-seekers. Truth revealed; Terrorism threat across America's northern border; College students want it, but one university says no Chic-Fil-A; Life cut short for two American missionaries.

The Global Lane - November 23, 2018

How could this happen to a pastor’s daughter? 18-year old Katie Stubblefield survived suicide, but her face was tragically disfigured. She found hope for the future when God and the Cleveland Clinic gave her a new face and a new life.

The Global Lane - November 16, 2018

Hamas rockets rain down on Israel. Trump plan bring peace? Russia recusal? Acting Attorney General Whitaker & the Mueller investigation; Vote fraud in Florida? Professor’s conservative speech victory at California college; Thanksgiving thoughts.

The Global Lane - November 9, 2018

Veteran suicides, an American horror story; Purple wave election. What it may mean for USA & world; Is Islam religion of war or peace? A look at the historical evidence; veterans require more from America than just accolades and restaurant discounts.

The Global Lane - November 2, 2018

Finally freed from prison. What's next for Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi? Nazi massacre against Jews in Pittsburgh & combating anti-Semitism; Election time in the USA. Blue wave or blue trickle? And might voter fraud change election outcomes?

The Global Lane - October 26, 2018

From Istanbul to the Oval Office. Pastor Andrew Brunson's journey of faith. What happened during his imprisonment in Turkey? Hungary stands up for godly values & Christian heritage. Dale Hurd’s exclusive interview with Hungary’s foreign minister.

The Global Lane - October 19, 2018

Saudi journalist murdered in Turkey. Relations unravel. Gasoline price rise? Sears bankruptcy & Christmas shopping; ANTIFA & Proud Boys square off in Portland & NYC. Preventing violence from spreading; Civility lessons of Mrs. Obama & Ronald Reagan.

The Global Lane - October 12, 2018

Justice delayed for Pakistan's Asia Bibi; Former FBI attorney spills beans on FISA warrants & dossier; College outrage spreads to Capitol Hill, Georgetown prof says Kavanaugh’s white male defenders killed & castrated; Clinton & Democrat civility?

The Global Lane - October 5, 2018

Ransom unpaid, kidnapped Nigerian Christian may lose her life; What new U.S. trade deal with Canada & Mexico means; Minority communities and police injustice; Congressional confrontations & violence. Leftists gone wild.