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30 Days of Prayer Change Man's Life

In 2015 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Wilbur was enjoying life as a healthy 83-year-old. Then one day, he woke up with intense pain in his back and hip

“The first thought was ‘I think if I take a little pain medication, it'll go away’” thought Wilbur, “because that's the way I’ve always lived. It seemed like it was always something temporary.”

But the pain persisted and Wilbur soon found himself unable to move without using a cane.

“It was taking away some of my independence. I probably couldn't do all the things that I’ve always done, and so I’d have to readjust my life to live with it,” Wilbur reported. "Satan is a terrible guy.  He tries to convince you that this is normal, and it's not.”

Wilbur started going to a chiropractor, but the pain continued to nag him.

“There's a lot of things that you just used to do normally and automatically, all of a sudden become a problem,” said Wilbur solemnly. “It took me extra time to get out of bed.  It took me extra time to get in and out of the car. When you're used to moving it's not good.”

Wilbur decided to try physical therapy. There he was diagnosed with segmental dysfunction and degeneration in his back and hip. Though therapy helped Wilbur manage his pain, the therapists said weekly treatments were his only option for lasting relief.

“I may be this (way) the rest of my life,” said Wilbur, “and I wasn't happy with that at all.”

It was then Wilbur, a pastor’s son, recalled something he had learned long ago.

“Then I did remember a 700 Club program where this guy got on there and he explained how God healed him and it was because, he went through and dug out healing scriptures and every morning he would pray over them and ask for healing. And then thank the Lord for his healing,” recalled Wilbur, “and then I said, ‘I know God can heal me.  Why am I not going to Him first?’"

Wilbur spent the next month meditating on healing scriptures and believing god for complete healing.

"‘By his stripes I am healed,’" quoted Wilbur with confidence, ‘and I was believing I said, ‘it's time to believe it.’  I think I started out asking God for forgiveness for not believing His word, that He would, touch my heart.”  (emotional) “excuse me.”

Then, on the 30th day of prayer…

“I got up that morning and my cane was still sitting beside my bed, and I could stand up without any pain, without the cane,” smiled Wilbur grandly. “I started praising the Lord.  My hands went up in the air and I couldn't stop it.
“It was something that God had done for me.  And I wanted to acknowledge his presence,” said a tearful Wilbur.

Wilbur told everyone he could about the goodness he experienced in the Lord’s healing.

"‘Where's your cane?’ I said, ‘I don't need it anymore, God healed me last night,’” exclaimed Wilbur, “he said, ‘how'd that happen?’ and I had to tell him, ‘you know, that it came because I trusted God, that His Word is true.’”

Today, Wilbur is still pain-free. He no longer needs a cane as he stays active in his community and is even planning his wedding with his fiancé Trudy.

“I read healing scriptures every morning, and that's kept me healthy, and my doctor says I’m the healthiest 85-year-old she's ever seen,” boasted Wilbur cheerfully. “So it's been a good lesson for me to learn that you can do everything you can with man's ideas and stuff, but it's really God that has the real answers.”

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