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Woman Endures 14 Surgeries in 13 Years

“I kept describing this pain as ‘everything – all my organs are collapsed and falling out. That was the feeling I had’."  Months after Joanne Moody’s first pregnancy ended with an emergency C-section she was still in constant pain. She recalls, “Before my pregnancy my life was full.  Now I can't stand up or sit.  And all I want to do is cry.  So that began this journey of this mystery of intensifying pelvic pain that just continued.”

Everyday tasks became torturous, draining any joy out of being a wife and mother. As the months turned into years, doctors couldn’t find a cause.  Joanne said, “I kept asking God in the early years, because I kept believing, ‘Oh, well, God, God can do this.  This is a no-brainer for God.  God can take my pain away’."  But after five years and seven surgeries there was no improvement. Unable to function normally even on countless pain medications, Joanne felt like a failure. The only thing helping her hang on was the word of God. She recalls, “I laid on the floor and cried. And then I would read the Word and I would have a promise and I would repeat that.  And I would feel positive enough, you know, I'd have some grace, but then I would also collapse and I would want to kill myself.”

In 2004 a specialist discovered nerves in her pelvis had been crushed during her 91 hours of labor.  He prescribed excruciating nerve-block injections that only offered temporary relief. She says, “And I thought, it – ‘I must have done something so wrong to deserve this kind of life’. I began to believe that I was a disappointment to God.  Because I couldn't understand how a kind and good father would allow that.” Eventually she saw a specialist in France for a new type of surgery. But after the first operation, Joanne flatlined. Joanne remembers, “I knew that I was dying, that is so weird to say that, but I knew that I was. And I left my body and I went up and, for the first time since 1999 January, I didn't have any pain.” Joanne says God came to her, and she was ready to go with Him. She recalls,
“And I have never felt so loved and so covered and so protected. And He said, ‘I have seen your suffering, child, and I know full well your pain’. And then He showed me my son and I saw my husband right behind my son and I just knew. It was like I knew that if I left with God my son would never know God.”

Joanne returned to her body. She would endure two more surgeries but her condition only got worse. In 2011 she started working with physical therapist, Dr. Tiffany Loeffler, who was also a Christian and a friend. Dr. Loeffler recalls, “In my initial evaluation, I had a significant finding of limited ability to sit, stand, walk, or do anything in upright positions as well as limited range of motion in her entire lower extremities.” Joanne says, “I had come to a place of resignation. ‘This is my lot in life.’ this was God's will for my life. I started believing: ‘Well, If God wanted to heal me, He would heal me.  But He doesn't so obviously it's my fault’."

In 2013, Joanne reluctantly attended a healing conference in Orlando.  On the last night, a man approached her and told her she was believing lies about herself and God. She remembers, “He sits on the end of the row and took my face in his hands and led me through the renouncing of all these agreements that I was the disappointment to God, that I was untrustworthy, that I was rejected and abandoned, and had me ask for my own forgiveness from God that I was mad at Him. And all this stuff of unwinding, and I just felt things coming off of me. And then eventually he prayed for the physical part of my body that had been like a volcano for fourteen-and-a-half years. And in an instant all the pain left.”

The conference was being video taped and Joanne got up to testify to her healing. “I have been through hell for 14 years and have had 13 surgeries and they just told me I would have another one in 6 weeks and God just healed me back there.” That night, Joanne threw away all of her meds and has never suffered with nerve pain since. She says, “I was healed, set free, delivered, and all these people had prayed for me all week, but this man that came for me, he knew who he was in Jesus. He knew Christ’s authority. He knew the power of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Loeffler says, “I was just amazed by God's goodness to her and also the miraculous, that there is no explanation. In all of my time as a physical therapist and all of my time treating patients, I have never seen a recovery as uh incredible as Joanne's.”

Today Joanne lives an active life. She travels the world praying for people to be healed and understand just how much God loves them. She believes, “You pick up lies throughout your entire life, all your circumstances and all of your things, and-and if they aren't dealt with, they become belief systems. I would hope and I pray that anybody who is suffering that watches this would seek out somebody who does believe in healing prayer and that they would dare to hope one more time uh that this could be their moment, because I've seen it tens of thousands of times. God does heal. And sometimes it takes longer than you want, but He does.”

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