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Military Family Fights Financial Battle

2nd Class Petty Officer Adam is a welder for the US Navy. He enjoys opportunities to teach his kids about his job. That was the goal on a family outing, touring the battleship USS Wisconsin, on display in Norfolk, Virginia. His wife, Cassie, loves his enthusiasm.

"I'm proud of him. I'm very proud that he's good at his job and that other people look up to him and respect him," she says.

When they started a family, they agreed Cassie would leave her full-time job and stay home, while continuing to take college courses part time. Losing her paycheck was harder than expected. Cassie's tuition was growing faster than they could pay it. Finances got even tighter when they had to fix the breaks on their van in the same month they needed new tires. Then, Cassie's step-mom was diagnosed with cancer and asked them to drive to Minnesota to visit before her chemo started. The only way to pay for the trip was with a credit card.

Cassie explains, "She wanted to see her grandchildren and she really needed them. So, we made that decision to go up there. And it was in the back of my mind, you know, this is – we don't have money for this."

When Adam and Cassie's church, Grace Bible, heard the couple was having a financial setback, they asked CBN's Helping the Homefront to get involved. Pastor Neil McCullum came by to deliver some welcome news.

"CBN wants to help you to continue to get out of debt," he tells them.

Neil informed the couple that CBN was paying for the breaks, the tires, and the balance of Cassie's tuition.

Cassie says, "I can't process that right now!"

Pastor Neil continues, "But that's not all. You know, you just had a significant expense to go see your stepmom. Another couple thousand dollars to go do that. And they want to pay for that."

Cassie says, "It's such a blessing! We don't do anything to deserve that. That love that He gives us."

Adam comments, "I'm really at a loss of words. Like I've been most of the day, but even more now."

This military family can now concentrate on building savings for a secure future.

Adam concludes, "Thank you to Helping the Homefront. It's just a great thing that you guys do."

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