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Only the Animals Liked Their Smell

ChangFa and XiaoFen spent endless hours together.  Neither sibling really had any other friends.

XiaoFen explains, “It’s because we were stinky!  Our faces and hands were always black and dirty. And so were our clothes.”

The Li’s are poor and couldn’t afford a cistern, so the kids rarely bathed. Their mother couldn’t wash their clothes, and the family had little water to drink or cook with.  Their rice was always hard.

ChangFa says candidly, “It was like chewing bones and it hurt my teeth a lot.”

Mr. Li ashamedly confesses, “I know it was unhealthy for my children to eat half-cooked rice, but if they didn’t eat it, they’d starve.”

For a while, Mr. Li dug holes in the ground around his home and drew water from pools and ponds - but it was scarce and often had dead animals in it.  Then he discovered another source of water outside their village, but the journey there was dangerous and took four hours round trip.

Mrs. Li shares, “I worried so much about my husband on that road, especially when it was rainy and slippery.  I wanted to help.”

So did ChangFa, but Mr. Li wouldn’t allow his wife or his son to help because he was afraid they’d get hurt.  

He says, “I wanted to make things better for my family and didn’t know what else to do.”

Then CBN built the family a cistern that brings clean water straight to the Li’s home.  We also gave them a water filter.

“Our lives have completely changed, exclaims Mr. Li. “We have enough water for everything.”   

Xiao Fen proudly says, “My face isn’t dirty anymore.  Our clothes are clean and we smell great!”  She adds, “Now, I have five friends!”

“We truly appreciate CBN and the good life you have given us,” Mrs. Li says.

ChangFa concludes, “Thank you for our cistern. You guys are great!"

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