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They Said She Cursed Her Child

When her baby, Vedashree, was born with a cleft lip, Renuka had to deal with the comments of her superstitious relatives.  

Renuka explained, “They said I gave my baby this curse, because I cut food during an eclipse.”   

She struggled daily to feed her baby.

“She chokes when I try to give her milk,” said Renuka.
They knew their baby needed surgery, but they couldn’t afford it.

Vedashree’s father, Tikkiah, said, “I am a driver, and I only earn a few dollars each month.  My mother, my wife, three children, and I all have to live on this income. I don’t want her to grow up with this deformity, but what can I do?”

Then they heard about a hospital where CBN provided children with free cleft lip surgeries. Soon their baby got the surgery she needed.  

Renuka said, “Now my baby is able to drink milk properly.  She is healthy, and very playful.”  

Tikkiah said, “My wife and I are so happy.  Our daughter will not have to grow up being teased by others.  She will have a good life.”

“I am grateful to CBN for helping our daughter,” said Renuka. “We were in need.  CBN reached out to us.  Thank you.”

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