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“Mama, the baby’s mouth is broken.”

Jaydee was born with a cleft lip and palate.  His 3-year-old brother, Jvonne wondered why.  

“‘Mama, the baby’s mouth is broken.  Can you fix it?’” said Jvonne to his mother Aime.

Jaydee struggled to drink from a bottle and to swallow.  He often aspirated formula into his lungs.

“One time, he stopped breathing,” Amie said with tear filled eyes. “His lips turned blue and his body went stiff.  I thought he had died.  We had to use infant CPR to revive him.”
The family worked hard to save up for an operation but they never saved enough.  
“The kids got sick so we had to use the money for doctors and prescriptions,” said Aime.    

Amie learned about CBN through a friend at church.  Then we arranged for Jaydee to receive free cleft surgery.  

“Jaydee is handsome now!” said big brother Jvonne.

A CBN team went back to visit Jaydee on his first birthday, and everyone seemed very happy with the results of the surgery.    

“He can eat well and breathe easily now.  My fears are gone,” said the boy’s mom. “Thank you so much, CBN. You were God’s answer to our prayers!” 

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