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Building Hope From Rubble

Tulasa has never been one to feel sorry for herself, or to let a genetic condition that affected her arms and hands slow her down.  She washes her clothes with her feet.  She’s fiercely competitive in school.  She has lots of friends and hopes to run a business someday.   Then an earthquake destroyed the home in Nepal where she lived with her mother.  

Tulasa said, “I was in the field when I felt the earth shake.  I looked around and saw dust flying into the air. Then two of our neighbor’s houses suddenly collapsed at the same moment.”

Tulasa’s mother said, “I was walking home when I saw our house collapse. I didn’t see the children and feared the house had fallen on top of them.”

After the earthquake, a relative let Tulasa and her mother live in animal shelter he’d built for his goats.   

While inside the shelter, CBN Reporter, Dan Reany explained, “But there’s really nothing but gravity holding this house together.  I mean, if you look at the walls, you can see sunlight coming through all the cracks in the bricks.  There’s not the slightest bit of mortar holding this house together.”

When CBN learned about Tulasa and her mom, we offered to help.  First, we provided two of our special brick presses and other construction materials. These brick machines compress a mixture of soil, sand and cement into sturdy interlocking bricks.   We added some steel rebar so these walls can flex in future earthquakes. With help from relatives and volunteers, we built Tulasa and her mother this brand-new house.   

Tulasa’s mother said, “I built our old home with my own hands, from rocks and mud.  I never thought I would have a beautiful brick home like this one.”

Tulasa said, “I’m very happy. I don’t have to live in that animal shack anymore.”   

On moving day, it was great knowing Tulasa and her mom would be safe and secure in their new home.  And our crew had the honor of being the first dinner guests.

“I still cannot believe you came and built my house,” said Tulasa’s mother. “Thank you very, very much.”

Tulasa said, “I want to say thank you to all of you.”

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