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A Silent World of Danger

HengZhou loves trucks, and anything with wheels!

His father explains, “Every time I fixed something, he would pick up the same tool I used and imitate me.  He looked just like a little repairman."

When he was two, his curiosity almost got him killed.  His father was working in the field when a wheat harvester just missed hitting him.   

“My neighbor saw it happen and called his name loudly,” Mr. Zhong recalls.  He then continues, “But he did not respond.”

The neighbor got him out of the way.  And soon Mr. Zhong found out that HengZhou had a hearing problem.

“He could not hear, and he could not speak.,” says Mr. Zhong.  “He was completely deaf in his right ear and could hear very little out of the other.”

If Mr. Zhong didn’t get his son hearing aids soon, he’d go completely deaf in his left ear, too.  But Mr. Zhong only makes 20 dollars a day.  That’s barely enough money to pay for his family’s basic needs.  And as HengZhou got older, his inability to hear started to affect his personality.  

“He just sat alone and looked up at the sky or at his fingers,” his father recalls.  “The doctor said he was withdrawing and shutting down because he was losing more and more hearing and didn’t understand anything.”

HengZhou’s parents worried about his future.

Mr. Zhong shares his concerns, “He might even have to be a beggar.  When I’m gone, no-one will be there to take care of him.  He’ll have no friends and no wife,”

Mr. Zhong kept looking for someone to help, and finally found a school that told him about CBN’s Back to Sound Program.  He applied, and we provided free hearing aids and language training for HengZhou.

“I don’t worry about his safety now.  And he’s changed so much,” says Mr. Zhong with a  smile.  “He’ll be able to get a good job, get married, have children and have a great future.”

Mr. Zhong wanted to know why CBN helped him, so we shared the gospel, and he prayed to become a Christian.

He concludes, “Thank you so much to CBN. We are thousands of miles apart, but you came to help us.  I think it is God who sent you here. You brought hope to us.”

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