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Teen Viciously Mocked for Eye Disease

Gladys traveled more than six hours by bus just for a chance to be seen at a CBN volunteer eye clinic in Guatemala.

Her eyelids were normal when she was young, but over the years Gladys developed a condition called Bilateral Ptosis, which caused her eyelids to droop. Now, at age 18, Gladys struggled to see and had to strain her head and neck to position her pupils below her eyelids. Even then, her vision is blurred. People mocked and belittled her.

“Some construction workers started to make fun of me, they made me feel horrible,” said Gladys with tear-filled eyes. “They were teasing me and calling me names like ‘lazy eye’. It really hurt. I plead with God and asked, ‘Why am I going through this?’”

Gladys prayed for a miracle, for someone to repair her eyelids.

Moved with compassion, the CBN team examined Gladys, prayed with her and began to make phone calls. We scoured Guatemala for the right equipment for the specialized surgery. One by one, the team’s prayers were answered. 

Our doctor found the right sutures at a hospital that CBN had previously helped with medical supplies. Another hospital provided an operating room and equipment needed for the eyelid surgery.

“The surgery makes me feel nervous,” said Gladys moments before entering the O.R. “But it also makes me very happy, because I have been wanting this surgery for a very, very long time!”

“Now, she can see the ceiling,” said the CBN surgeon after the operation

“Si,” answered Gladys!

“She couldn’t do that before!” added the doctor.

“Gracias,” said Gladys' dad as she rushed into his arms.

“I want to thank the doctors, and CBN, for all the support you have given me. May God bless you,” added Gladys. 

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