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Outrunning the Rockets

Six-year-old Dasha will always remember the moment Russian jets fired rockets at her home in Ukraine.

Dasha said, “I heard this loud noise and I didn’t know what was happening. I got scared, so I ran to my mom.”

Dasha’s mom, Olga, said, “We had no place to go to or hide. Dasha was trembling, so I just held her as close as I could and prayed as the sounds of the explosions got closer and closer.”

The rockets missed their apartment building, but their neighbor’s home took a direct hit.   

Dasha explained, “War is when people kill each other. I know because my neighbor was killed by a bomb.”

Olga said, “I knew we needed to leave this place. It was a matter of life and death and I was afraid for my daughter and husband.”

Dasha’s parents are Messianic Jews, so they quickly made arrangements to flee to Israel.  Soon after they left, their home was destroyed in an explosion.

Olga said, “It was a miracle we made it out of Ukraine alive, but we had nothing. We didn’t have food, and I didn’t know who could help us.”

Then they learned about a local church supported by CBN Israel.  Through the church, we help Ukrainians who fled the war. We provide families with food, diapers and other things they need.  

“I don’t know how we would have made it without the weekly food baskets,” said Olga. “You fed my daughter and gave us a chance to start a new life.”

With the help of CBN Israel, Dasha’s family made it through that difficult time.  Now both of her parents are working, while Dasha goes to school and learns Hebrew.

Olga said, “We really appreciate CBN Israel and everyone from around the world who have supported us. You are showing people here the love of Jesus and we are so grateful.”

With a big smile, Dasha said, “Thank you for helping us live here and taking care of my family.”

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