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Baby Had Six Months to Live

Towards the end of her pregnancy, Mrs. Zhang got the feeling that her baby was destined for something great!

She specifically remembers, “His kick was really strong, so I started dreaming about him being a soldier in the army one day.”

Mr. Zhang adds, “I thought he’d grow up and serve our country, too.”

The couple made a Chinese flag for ZiBo and started singing the national anthem to him.  But soon, this little soldier got very sick.  What the Zhangs thought was just a stomach problem turned out to be four holes in his heart, vascular problems, and a weak immune system.

Mrs. Zhang shares, “His blood circulation system wasn’t developing, and he started breathing fast.  His lips turned blue, his feet were pale, and I could tell he was in a lot of pain.”

Mr. Zhang worked long hours to save for surgery, and Mrs. Zhang went door to door asking for money, but all they could afford was cheap milk powder and Chinese herbs that a fortune teller said would cure ZiBo.  Meanwhile, his heart got too big for his underdeveloped body, and he became very weak.

“He couldn’t walk at all,” Mrs. Zhang shares in despair. “And if he slept on his stomach, he could choke and die.  So, I told him ‘Don’t forget our dream.  If you fight hard, you will beat this sickness and be a real soldier.’”

But Mrs. Zhang knew what the doctor had said.  ZiBo would die within six months if he didn’t get surgery. 

Mr. Zhang states, “It was like he was given a death sentence.”

Mrs. Zhang adds, “I didn’t know what to do.  Then I remembered seeing a Christian church nearby, so I went and started praying to God for help.”

Shortly after, an acquaintance told Mrs. Zhang about CBN. When we found out how critical ZiBo’s condition was, we set up and paid for surgery right away. 

“All four holes were repaired.  He got prosthetic valves and now he’s perfectly healthy,” declares Mrs. Zhang. “He’s stronger than ever and can run and skip like normal kids.”

Mr. Zhang says, “ZiBo’s heart disease is gone. It’s hard to believe so many strangers would want to help us.  But now we have hope again.”
Mrs. Zhang concludes, “CBN helped us to know God and Jesus too.  We know God saved ZiBo’s life.   And now we believe he will be a soldier of love!"

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