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A New Start in the Promised Land

Alex and Diane are a young Jewish couple who immigrated to Israel from Belarus. They told me it was their dream to come to the Promised Land to build a better life for their two children.   

Diane said, “I felt a calling for many years to make our home in Israel, and believed that it would be the best place for our family.”  

Alex explained, “Belarus is very low income and there aren’t many opportunities. I wanted my children to have the best chance at life and I knew Israel held that for them, but still we have struggled.”

Alex expected to find a job right away in Israel, but weeks passed and the family’s savings dwindled. Soon they went into debt just buying food.  

“It got to the point where we didn’t have anything,” said Alex. “We were in crisis. I felt like I failed my family and it was horrible.”

Diane said, “It was very difficult for my husband, because I knew he was doing everything he could to take care of us. We never owed money before and we never had to ask for help. We had no idea what to do.”

Then Diane met someone who told her about CBN Israel. We started giving the family food and diapers. We also taught them how to manage their finances in Israel. We gave them some money to get them out of debt, and even helped them find furniture for their apartment through a local ministry partner.     

Alex said, “We couldn’t believe it, that you would just give us this support and expect nothing in return. You made sure my children had food to eat.”

Thanks to CBN Israel, the family got through that difficult time.  Now, Alex works full time installing drywall, and is supporting his family.

“It means so much to know that you wanted to help us,” said Alex. “Thank you for this. You have given us a great start and now we have a bright future in Israel.”

Diane said, “The situation we were in had nearly squeezed the life out of us, but you gave us air to breathe again. Now we want to help others just as you have helped us. Thank you.”

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