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Fleeing to Israel to Make a New Start

Anastasia hid in the basement and covered her head as bombs rained down on her city in southeast Ukraine.

Anastasia explained, "It was the loudest sound I ever heard in my life. My mom came and held me. We hoped it would end soon, but it just kept going and going."

Anastasia's mother, Olga, said, "There were so many explosions, and the bombs fell so fast that I couldn't tell one from the next. The house shook like we were in an earthquake."

The family survived the bombing, but fighting between Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces only got worse.

Olga said, "It was completely lawless, just chaos. Every day, there were more gunshots and explosions. It didn't seem real. The whole time I only thought about protecting my children."

Anastasia recalled, "The worst time was when masked men with guns came into our home and took my dad. I was afraid I'd never see him again."

Anastasia's father was held hostage for many days until he was finally let go. The family knew they couldn't stay in Ukraine any longer. Because they're Jewish, they were able to flee to Israel.

Anastasia said, "I was really sad to leave our home. We left everything behind except for what we could carry."

The family struggled to find work in Israel and didn't know where to get help with food.

"We really had nothing to start with and we didn't know the language," said Olga. "We were quite desperate."

Then, a local ministry supported by CBN Israel found out about them. Through the ministry, we started giving the family food regularly along with diapers and other necessities.

Olga said, "It means so much to us to have this support. The food is amazing and you even helped us find some furniture. I'm so happy to see my children taken care of."

Anastasia's father recently found a good job, and she's enrolled in school – learning Hebrew and making lots of new friends. With the help of CBN Israel, the family was able to make a fresh start.

"It's so important for us to know that somebody cares," said Olga. "You guided our first steps in Israel and I can't say thank you enough."

Anastasia said, "I love that you would just give us these things and not expect anything in return. It makes me feel great to know that there are good people in the world. Thank you very much."

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