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Leeches in My Drinking Water!

Balamani is a widow, and mother of two. She earns a living cleaning houses, and gets a widow’s pension from the government.  But almost every month, a lot of her money winds up being spent on hospital bills.

Balamani explained, “We have tap water in our village, but the taps are connected to an open well. The water that comes out smells so bad.”

CBN Reporter, Dan Reany, said while standing next to the village’s open well, “That tap water looks clean enough. But this is the source, an open pit filled with contaminants.  People tell me that monkeys come and use these ropes and whatever hand and foot holds they can to climb down for the water. They drink, bathe and defecate in it.  And sometimes when you turn on water over in the village leeches come out.”      

Balamani said, “We filter and boil the water the best we can.  We have to drink it, because we don’t have any other option.  My children are always coughing and getting fevers and rashes. When I see them suffering, I cry, because I can’t do anything to help them.”

When she can afford it, Balamani buys cans of water for drinking and cooking.

“Sometimes I am short just one rupee, and cannot even get a can of water,” said Balamani.

When CBN learned about everyone’s struggles in Balamani’s village, we drilled them a well. I was thrilled to be there to celebrate with them on dedication day.  Now, thanks to CBN partners, everyone in this village has safe, clean drinking water.

Balamani explained, “The water is very good to drink.  It is so much better than the tap water. Now I don’t need to buy cans of water. Families here can already see the difference in our children.  They are healthy, and don’t get sick anymore.”

We wanted to do just a little something more for this single mom, so with the new semester right around the corner, we gave her children backpacks, uniforms, and enough school supplies to last the year.

Balamani said, “I give thanks to CBN.  You gave us all water, and you gave my children books, shoes, and so much more.  My heartfelt gratitude goes out to you.”

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