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The Water Was Killing Her Children

Khoeurn’s parents were frantic as they realized their daughter was getting sicker by the hour.  

“I lost my first daughter when she was three. She drank bad water,” said Khoeurn’s mother, Khoeun, with tears in her eyes.  

Khoeun rushed her daughter to the hospital on the back of a motorcycle. It took a month for her to recover from drinking the bad water.

“I was throwing up,” Khoeurn recalled. “It was hard to breathe. It felt like something moving inside.“  

“I sold a cow that we were raising to pay for her medicine,” said Khoeun. “Soon after that, my son went to the hospital from the bad water too. Thankfully, they are both still alive.”

For years, Khoeun’s family got sick from drinking water that had collected in a low spot in the ground near their house. It was their only source of water. As it dried up, the water became more stagnant and dangerous.   

“The water in the pond tastes sour and smells bad,” said Khoeurn, whose daily task was to collect buckets filled with the murky water.

When CBN learned about the family’s suffering and lost income, we drilled a well for them!

“I remember the day they drilled the well,” said a delighted Khoeurn. “I saw the pipes and the water gushing from the ground. I thought now we have water to use.”

“When I saw water coming from the ground, I felt so happy I wanted to take a bath!” added Khoeurn’s brother, Sovan.  

Once we installed the pump, Khoeurn’s family and neighbors had access to clean, clear water.  

“I love the new well so much,” added Khoeun. “I no longer have to buy medicine or got to the hospital.” 

“Since we have the new well, I no longer get sick!” said Khoeurn.  “Thanks CBN for giving us clean water!”

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