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Five Hour Walks for Water

Most of the day, Yashoda toiles in the fields of her village.  Besides working in the fields and around the house, she spends at least five hours every day getting water from a pit a mile away from home.

Yashoda explained, “I wake up early in the morning, at six.  I do the household chores and get the children ready for school.  Then I go fetch water.  It’s so far and difficult that it hurts my back and neck.”

The whole village faced the same problems.  The pastor there wanted to help, but he didn’t know what to do.

The pastor said, “Water was a big challenge for everyone, and caused so much sickness. I worried about all the families here.  I prayed in the presence of God, and then I heard about CBN.”

When the pastor contacted us, we quickly drilled a well for the village.  Now everyone has clean drinking water.

Yashoda said, “The well is so close to our home.  I don’t have to struggle walking so far.  My neck and back do not hurt anymore, and we do not get sick!  CBN came from far away to dig this well for us. Thank you so much.”

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