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When Hardship Brings Unexpected Blessing

Joan lives near a volcano in the Philippines.  She’s a single mom who sold food to provide for her two small children.  She never earned enough.  Some days she had to borrow powdered milk “by the scoop” from a neighbor to feed 2- year-old daughter, Zoe.  

“We count how many scoops I take so I can replace them when I save enough to my own pack,” Joan told CBN.  

It also difficult when her 8-year-old son, Kurt, outgrew his clothes.

“I was playing with my friends when my shorts ripped because they were too small. I was so embarrassed that I quickly sat on the ground,” said Kurt.

“No matter how hard I work, I never make enough to give them what they need,” said Joan as she started to cry. “I thank God that they understand when I tell them we don’t have any money.”

Then a volcano erupted near their house. Thick ash forced Joan and her family to evacuate to a CBN supported shelter and Joan had to shut down her food business.  

At the shelter, Joan enrolled in a jobs-training program run by CBN.  We taught her how to cut and color hair, do manicures and pedicures. When the government said it was safe for Joan to return home, we gave Joan everything she needed to start salon.

“I have so many clients who come in now for hair and nail treatments!” said Joan. “Now I am earning more money than when I sold food.  “I can buy milk and groceries and buy children what they need.”  

“I’m so happy I have new clothes. They fit well,” said Kurt with a grin.   

“Thank you to everyone who supports CBN!” added Joan.  “I am so grateful for this opportunity you have given to me!” 

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