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Family Plagued by Bad Water

BaoHua and his family live in a region of southwest China that’s known for having water problems.

“The only water we have here comes from a dirty pond,” explains BaoHua.  He continues, “And it’s full of old leaves and weeds and worms.”

His daughter adds, “It smells like dead fish.”

BaoHua continues, “I lost half of my stomach because of the bad water.  Then my wife got sick from it.”

She was in so much chronic pain that she took her own life.  BaoHua worried about how the water would affect his three children.

He weeps, “Every time I looked at that water, I felt torn. I didn’t want my children to drink it, but they had to.  They’d already lost their mother, which hurt their souls.  I knew drinking the dirty water would be bad for their bodies, too.”

His daughter says, “It felt like there were bugs in my stomach, biting me.  I was so scared. I cried and said ‘Dad, am I going to die?’”

Then his oldest son got kidney stones.

He recounts, “The doctor said I had rocks inside of me, and I needed to drink a lot of clean water to get them out.”

So, BaoHua started working extra hard to save money to make what he called a ‘humble’ cistern. It was small and didn’t have a lid, so the water was still bad.

BaoHua’s daughter describes it, “There were ants crawling all over it. It was stinky.”

When his youngest son got typhoid from it, BaoHua turned to Jesus.   He’d heard of Him from some of his relatives.  

“I said, ‘Lord, please help me and let me and my children have clean water,’” he shares.

Shortly after, CBN came to BaoHua’s village to build his family a sturdy, sealed cistern and give them the filter they needed to purify their water.

“This big water cistern is exactly what we needed,” BaoHua says with a warm smile. He continues, “Now I never have to worry about my children getting sick or dying someday.  They’re happy and healthy.”

One of his sons exclaims, “Thank you for giving us clean water!”

His daughter adds, “It’s shiny and clear, and it tastes sweet.  I don’t have stomach pains anymore.  My oldest brother doesn’t have kidney stones, and my younger brother is much better, too!”

BaoHua concludes with sincere gratefulness, “I know this was the will of Jesus.  He used you to help us through our difficulty. God is so faithful.”

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