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Overcome the Worry of Being Strapped for Cash

About an hour north of San Diego lies the tranquil town of Oceanside, California. Mack and Kim call this home. They enjoy the beautiful sunsets and peaceful atmosphere. And every day, they give God the credit.

Kim says, “It just stunning all the time. I wake up every morning thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’m here.’”

"Life is great. I’ve very blessed to be healthy. And God’s really blessed us, for sure,” adds Mack.

Mack and Kim now own several thriving business but when they got married over 30 years ago, both were struggling financially. Kim was a single mom raising three children.

“When I was 32 years old I went through a divorce and I was standing in the food stamp line waiting to get food stamps for my kids ‘cause I didn’t have a job, didn’t have any money, no source of income,” says Kim.

Mack was a real estate investor supporting 4 kids. He lost nearly everything when the economy tanked.

“Every option I explored and tried wasn’t working. I didn’t know how to make a living, honestly,” says Mack.

Mack and Kim were both Christians. Even though they were struggling financially, they decided to make tithing a priority.

Kim remembers, “When we first started out, we realized that we needed to put God first and then take care of our expenses, and then try to live within our means, if not under our means. It’s easy to give when you’re – wherein you’re financially blessed. But when you’re really strapped, you know, you-you-you always kind of save that for last ‘cause you got to think of other things like housing and food and things like that. So you don’t think about giving to God first and not worrying that, you know, He’ll take care of you.”

Mack adds, “Well, I was worried, but I believe you don’t give up. If you keep trying and that you can move forward."

As the real estate market improved they began making money flipping homes. Instead of pocketing all the profits, Mack wanted to invest in a collateral loan business.

“I saw things changing for the good. One thing after another. Locations would open up that I didn’t think was possible,” says Mack.

Eventually they could afford investing in rental property on Maui.

Kim says, “Every piece of the property, God had His fingerprints on. It was miraculous the way He put it together. It was just amazing.”

As the couple’s success grew, so did their giving.

“One day during one of the telethons, the Lord just laid it on my heart to just double my-my giving, and I did. And God just kept giving me more and more and more and more,” says Kim.

Mack and Kim’s net worth has tripled since their early days of flipping houses.

They believe God has blessed them because they put Him first in every area of their lives.

Kim says, “I just really feel strongly that if you’re obedient, God will bless you. He’ll take care of you!”

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