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Debt and Cancer

A few years ago, John and Julie were looking forward to retirement.  

Unfortunately they were far from being able to retire and much closer to bankruptcy.

The problems began when John was diagnosed with cancer, and doctors said he’d be out of work for months. John says, “I didn’t know how we could dig out of that hole.”

Julia remembers those days well. “Initially we were just trying to tread water and make it from month to month.”

Without John’s income, and now with piles of medical bills, the Russells’ were forced to put their living expenses on credit cards. Before long, they were $40,000 dollars in debt.

Julie says, “As the bills came in and I realized how much was starting to accumulate, I felt very uncomfortable because I knew we didn’t have enough to pay it.”

John says, “I was just devastated hearing about that $40,000.  Because I had always been able to handle the debt myself, and I couldn’t do it anymore.”

At the time, the Russells’ owned a farm, and the mortgage was draining their finances. They attempted to sell the farm, but they couldn’t find any buyers.

Julie says, “I remember feeling very depressed, because it just seemed like there was no hope."

John adds, “I was at the bottom of my life.” One day while recovering at home, John was watching the 700 Club.

“Pat Robertson was talking about how you can change your life by giving to God, that if you tithe to him he will open up the windows of heaven and pour a financial blessing you can’t contain. He also said before God can hear your prayers,  be sure that you have asked forgiveness for your sins   I did that and I had a feeling of peace like I’d never had in my life. “

“Because John rededicated his life, I felt like I needed to also. I was given hope.”

John was eager to join the 700 Club.  But he wanted Julie’s support first.

“When John started telling me about tithing, I wasn’t convinced and so I went to the Bible in which God says “if you don’t tithe you’re robbing from me”, so I felt like John’s right.  So we joined the 700 Club.”

Within 60 days, the Russells’ financial breakthrough began. John was cleared to return to work.  He then got a new job as a real estate agent for a builder – earning double what he had earned before. Then, they were able to find a buyer for the farm that wouldn’t sell…and that buyer was willing to pay top dollar.

John says, “You know, we were both floored and we thought something’s got to go wrong here.  This is, this is too good.  He took over all of that debt expense.  We paid off all our credit cards.”

Julie adds, “We recognize that every bit of that was from God. John could be the greatest salesman in the world, but he didn’t do it, God did it for us.”

The couple increased their giving to CBN immediately, and have continued to do so through the following years.  They are now members of the Founders Club.  

Julie explains, “We were being blessed.   We wanted to give back and so we just kept increasing and we’re still increasing.

Not long ago, the Russells’ were finally able to retire comfortably. They agree the life they enjoy today is the result of giving.

John says, “Once you make that commitment to God, and ask for his help, he said, you have not because you ask not, and I’ve learned that he means that.”

“I think God sees our heart and he sees that you are willing to trust him, Julies says.  And once we trust him he pours out blessings we can’t conceive.”

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