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The Key to Fixing Their Finances—And Their Marriage

Sherry drove a truck for years until she had an accident on the job and was unable to work.

“I had three surgeries; I was on workmen's comp. We couldn't pay rent and we lost everything. I just gave up,” Sherry remembers.

Eventually, she and her husband, Dean, separated. Sherry struggled to survive at a campground in Canyon, Texas.

“I was paying four hundred dollars a month rent with no running water, no, no power,” Sherry recalls.

One night Sherry was invited to church, where she accepted Christ. She began studying the Bible and was drawn to what it said about tithing.

‘What always struck me was the scripture ‘He rebukes the devourer for our sakes.’ and that, to me, meant protection. I trusted what that word said,” says Sherry. “At that moment, I had fifty dollars left. I said, ‘I'm drawing the line in the sand tonight and I'm becoming a tither’, so I put that last fifty dollars in that envelope.”

An hour after she tithed, Sherry picked up a newspaper and looked at the classifieds.

“And I found an ad that said, ‘two bedroom, one bath mobile home for rent.  You feed the horses.’ and it was cheaper than what I was paying for now,” Sherry explains. “I got excited, and so I called about it.”

The owner immediately accepted her application, and just two days later, Sherry got a job at a garden center.

“I just was blessed over and over,” Sherry declares. “And every time I got paid, I tithed.”

Sherry also began watching The 700 Club and decided to become a partner.

“I love to sow good seed into good places,” says Sherry. “I love being a partner with 700 Club. I love what they do.”

A few months later, Dean called Sherry to ask about coming home.

"He says, ‘You've probably got somebody else in your life now,’” Sherry remembers. “And I said, ‘I do!  I've fallen in love. (laughs) I remember telling him. He goes, ‘Oh.’ ‘It's Jesus!  I've fallen in love with Jesus Christ,’ and he says, ‘Sherry, I want what you got.’”

The two of them reconciled and Dean started attending church with her. They prayed together and agreed to tithe faithfully on what they had. They kept giving as Dean got a construction job and steady promotions. In just three years, their income tripled!

“Whatever we tithe, we get back either financially or some other blessing that we might receive,” says Dean.  

As their income grew, so did their tithe.  They also increased their giving to CBN, and in 2016, they became 1000 Club members. They both say that tithing was the key—to both their finances and their marriage.

“Tithing touches every aspect of your life; every aspect of your life,” Sherry declares. “It doesn't just bless your storehouse, it blesses every part of your life if you're willing and you're obedient.”

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