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From Tough Times to a Comfortable Life

Dawn always wanted to provide a good life for her son, but as a single mother with a minimum wage job, she could barely make ends meet.  

Dawn recalls, “We didn't have food, so my son was eating catsup for dinner.”

On several occasions, her electricity got cut off.  

“We had to live by candle light,” she says.  “And of course, my son didn't understand it.  He said, ‘Mommy, I can't turn TV on.’  I said, ‘I know, the lights are broke.’”

Through the years, this happened over and over.  A few times she was evicted and had to live in a hotel and even in her car.

Dawn cries, “It's a lot of embarrassment.  I couldn't tell anybody. And I remember I yelled at God. I kinda just threw my hands up and I said, ‘What do you want from me?’”

Dawn got her answer when she got her electricity back one time and came across The 700 Club.  She saw a story about a woman who had chosen to trust God during her financial mess.  

She remembers, “I broke down when I watched that because it was like, ‘I can relate to someone.  There's someone that's talking about me!’”

Dawn called CBN and, by faith, gave 22 dollars. She gave something else, too.

She shares, “When they say, “If you want to give your life to Jesus, just repeat this prayer’, and I did.”

Soon, she started going to church, where she learned about tithing.

“They were talking about, ‘You have to pay your tithes, you have to give 10%,’” she says.  She continues, “’I'm like, ‘I can't afford to give 10%.’”

So, she sporadically gave a little of what she had left each week, whether it was 50 cents or a few dollars.  She called it “tipping” God.  By now, she’d become a certified nursing assistant.  And still wasn’t seeing much change in her financial situation.

She remembers, “It was like doors was slamming in my face.  And I couldn't understand why.”

Finally, one Sunday, she decided to stop giving left-overs to God and give a full 10% instead.

“I said ‘Okay, this is the last of my money, this is all I have’, but I put it in an envelope.”

Soon after that, her job gave her a gift card, a promotion, and a significant raise...  all on the same day!

“I've never received a raise like that before.  I ain't going to lie, I cried.  I cried like a baby,” she admits.

Dawn has continued to faithfully give off the top of her income.  Today, she has a comfortable life and can always pay her bills.  She even started a ministry to single women and their children and recently received an $8000-dollar donation!  

She explains, “I started emailing the White House and the next thing I know I was labeled ‘the woman on a mission.’ I just want to be there for someone else cause I know the struggle is real.  I believe all of, everything that's happened to me now is because I’m giving to God. Now I see where my struggles may have been coming from.   Because when we don't tithe the 10%, you're robbing from him.”

For others going through financial struggles, she says the solution is simple.  

“Give to God.  That's what you need to do.  Everything else will fall in place.”

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