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Doing All She Can for Her Kids

Kathy is a single mom who couldn’t be more proud of her children.

“Family is so important,” Kathy says. “My daughter, she’s very caring. And my son, he’s super caring. I love them dearly.”

Ever since she can remember, Kathy has loved teaching children.

“I had a hard time growing up,” she says, “so I’d like to make children’s lives better than mine.”

She works hard as a substitute teacher, but sometimes her paychecks aren’t enough to cover all the bills.

“Being a single mom has been challenging,” Kathy shares. “Sometimes I would sit there and go through my bills and just say, ‘How am I gonna do this? I’m negative in my account. I don’t know where to turn to.’”

When Kathy found out about Operation Blessing partner House of Blessing, her life took an amazing turn.

“I get an abundance of food,” she says. “Just seeing the cart full of food, it just puts a smile on my face.”

Thanks to the help from Operation Blessing, Kathy has more time to focus on her future. “My goal is to complete my teacher’s exam next month,” shares Kathy, “and hopefully be certified to teach full-time this fall.”

As she looks ahead to a brighter, more stable future for her family, Kathy says she’s happy someone was there for her in her time of need. “I’m so grateful for Operation Blessing being there, from the bottom of my heart,” Kathy says. “Thank you so much, I’m just overjoyed.”

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