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One Man Against the Storm?

Three feet of water rushed into Chris Baker’s rental home from the Copano Bay in Texas, and destroyed almost everything he owned. Most of Chris’ belongings are headed to the dump. What isn’t saturated with water, or covered in sea grass reeks of mold.

“Obviously I wasn’t here,” Chris shares. “I did evacuate. What we can figure out is that the storm surge obviously came in from this direction, it folded down the bottom the of the garage doors and pushed everything in the garage against the front wall. It did this with such force it knocked a ten-inch hole in the wall behind the washer, and inundated the entire house up to three feet (with water).

There are homes just like this one scattered across the city of Rockport, Texas and Operation Blessing has dispatched crews to help muck out their homes.

Kate, a volunteer, traveled three hours from San Antonio and worked for four days to help Hurricane Harvey survivors. 

“I’m a military wife and I know what it means to serve others,” Kate says. “So, I’m glad to be helping Operation Blessing put Rockport back together.

Chris says the quicker his clean up gets done, the faster he can find a new place to rent.  Now, thanks to Operation Blessing and its volunteers, he will have time to make new arrangements and put the muck and mire of Harvey behind him.

“It’s unfortunate that it takes a tragedy like this to bring out the best in so many, but it’s heartwarming to know that the outpouring for our community has just been phenomenal,” Chris says. “Just thank you, thank you so much.”


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