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“Get out now! Water’s rising!”

When Hurricane Harvey swept through south Texas, it brought catastrophic flooding that took Brenda Leaven’s neighborhood by surprise.  

“All of a sudden,” she said, “a knock came at the door and my neighbor said, ‘Miss Brenda, we have to get out, the water’ s rising.’  We couldn’t do anything more but grab our medication and the clothes that was on our back, and we got out of the house and the street was flooded by then.”  

The next day, Brenda returned to find her entire neighborhood flooded, under 5 feet of water.

“When the water had gone down we went into the home and everything was just soaked,” she said.  “We had contractors come by; they wanted to charge us 4 or 5 thousand dollars to clean up.  I didn’t have that kind of money to give them.”  

Brenda knew she needed help, but didn’t know where to turn.  then she heard Operation Blessing was in a neighboring community cleaning up homes, free of charge.  She went right away to find the team.  

“I asked the lady, I said… ‘I’m just desperate, I’m in need.’  I said, ‘I need my home cleaned up.’  She grabbed me, she said, ‘can I pray with you?’ I said, ‘yes.’  So she prayed with me.  And we prayed together that the Lord would bless me to send in a team,” she recalled.  “Later on that night, it was 8:30 – 9 o’clock they gave me a call, and she said, ‘they’re going to be over tomorrow.’  And so they got here and went to work and they have done a tremendous, tremendous job!”

Volunteers helped Brenda salvage what she could.  Then they removed the soaked carpet, and tore out damaged drywall and insulation, saving the structure of her home, and giving her hope for better days ahead.

“It’s been a blessing, it’s been more than I can imagine,” she said with tears in her eyes.  “So I just thank god for sending operation blessing to my rescue!”

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