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The First Gift She Ever Received

Roxana earns a meager living making and selling desserts in Mexico.  She has to carry everything she wants to sell, as her children walk with her.

Roxana said with tears in her eyes, “We get up at 4 am. When I make some money, sometimes my son will ask if I can buy him a toy.  I have to tell him what I earn is just enough to buy food.”

Roxana is a widow who takes care of her kids on her own.  She was barely getting by when a series of earthquakes hit Mexico, and destroyed her apartment building and all her cooking equipment.

“I struggled so long and hard to buy my things. Now I barely have enough to make a few desserts at a time,” explained Roxana.

We knew we had to help her.  So, Operation Blessing gave her everything she needed to get her business running bigger and better than ever before.  We gave her a brand-new cart, so she can carry all her supplies and desserts, cooking equipment, shelves, and much more.  

Roxana said, “I will be able to work so much more easily.”

We even gave her kids the toys they’d only dreamed of.

Roxana’s son, Paul, said with a big smile, “Thank you for all the things you gave to my mother, and thank you for my toys!”

Roxanna has more than tripled her earnings. And with all the new equipment and the cart, her life is a lot easier.

“This is the first time anyone has come and offered me such things,” said Roxana with tears of joy.  “I am so grateful.”

Paul added, “Thank you for everything!”

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