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The Earth Shook. And Life Changed Forever.

When a massive earthquake hit Mexico, Luzbeth and her children barely got out of their house alive, before it collapsed to the ground.  

Luzbeth said, “That was the longest night of our lives.  Every hour seemed like an eternity.  The aftershocks were constant.   I cried all night.”

Then a team from Operation Blessing came to her village with a plan to build not just one, but dozens of new homes for earthquake victims.  Karla is the volunteer heading the team building a home for Luzbeth’s family.  It’s not the first time she’s done disaster relief.

Karla said, “I helped with earthquake relief in Nepal, but being in my own country with my own people is something special.”  

Luzbeth said, “I feel blessed to know Karla and the other volunteers.  I love them very much.”

Luzbeth really wanted to show the volunteers how much their help meant to her, so she hand- embroidered each of them something special.

“Everything changed when they came. We saw our lives getting better, and that made us feel confident, loved, and protected,” explained Luzbeth.  

Karla said with tears in her eyes, “The love we put in our work is reflected in Luzbeth's love for us.  I hope that every night in their new home she can feel how much we care about her.”

Luzbeth said, “Thank you for the hope that you have given us.  May God bless you always.”

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