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Her veggies are weeds

Her mom calls her daughter “Little Rabbit”, because of 3-year-old’s Gadai’s fondness for eating vegetables.  What her daughter doesn’t know is that those “vegetables” are weeds collected from a nearby field.  They eat them with a little rice.

“When Gadai goes hungry, I feel so helpless,” his mother Hed told CBN. “My husband cuts grass and does odd jobs.  It’s not enough to feed our children and my elderly mother.

Then Gadai’s mom heard about a children’s center supported by CBN’s Orphan’s promise.

“At the center, they give my daughter food to eat and milk to drink every day.

She also learns many things, and plays with her new friends,” said Hed.

One day a staff member at the center noticed that Gadai had an ear infection.  So we took her along with her mom to the doctor.  Then we provided antibiotics the family could not afford.

Finally, thanks to the Orphan’s Promise center, Gadai’s mom can now work with her husband during the day which has doubled the family’s income.  Now they no longer go hungry.    

“Thank you, Orphan’s Promise for caring about my daughter!” said a grateful mom.

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