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Beaten and Starved by Auntie!

Today, thanks in part to the help of CBN’s Orphan’s Promise, Eric dreams of becoming a lawyer. But just a few years ago, his only focus was survival.

Eric explained, “After my parents died, I went to live with my uncle. My aunt didn’t want me around, and treated me like a servant.  She didn’t feed or clothe me.”

One day a teacher, who could tell he was starving, gave him some bread.  When his aunt found out about it, she was furious.

“That day, she beat me with the heal of her shoe,” said Eric.  “I still have a scar over my eye from it.  I ran away many times, and slept on the ground in abandoned shops.”

While walking outside some abandoned shops in Nairobi, Kenya, CBN Reporter, Dan Reany asked Eric, “So, this was the kind of place you would stay when you would take off?”

Eric answered, “Yes, this is the kind of place.”

Dan asked, “What was it like at night?”

“It was very cold,” said Eric. “I prayed to God to intervene in my situation.”

His aunt eventually took him to a children’s home supported by Orphan’s Promise.  There, we gave Eric all the love and care he desperately needed.

Eric said, “I never thought I’d have the life I’m living now.  Being here brought joy back into my life.”

We also enrolled Eric in a private Christian school, where he’s a leader in his class.

“I believe God has called me to be a lawyer,” said Eric.  “I want to help children going through the same things I went through.”

With the help of Orphan’s Promise, Eric recently moved to the United States.  We helped him find a foster family that he’ll live with until he finishes high school. Then, he will study at Regent University.  

Eric said, “My aunt beat me and got rid of me, but God used that suffering for a much bigger purpose.  Thank you to everyone who fed me, gave me clothes, and gave me an education.  Because of you, I will be able to help others. I love you all!”

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