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A Cold Car Was Their Home

Dithapelo was at the top of her class.  But one day her teacher noticed she was acting shy and withdrawn.  She learned that Dithapelo’s dad lost his job and their home.  They were sleeping in their car, in the middle of winter.

Dithapelo said, “I was so scared at night.  I prayed, ‘Jesus, help me not to be afraid.’  I slept in the back of the car, but in the middle of the night it got so cold I couldn’t sleep anymore.  I told my parents we should pray, and trust God, because He is the only one who could help us.”

Her daycare center is a boarding school supported by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise.  When we heard about the family sleeping in their car, we invited them to stay with us for a while. With our help, they saved enough money to buy a house.  We also helped Dithapelo’s mom re-start a small business making and selling snacks.   

Dithapelo’s mom, Ntebohe, said, “Now I know something good can come out of a bad thing. We lost everything, but now we have more than ever before. I don’t know what we would have done without your help.”

Thanks to the hand up they got from Orphan’s Promise, they now have a home and a steady income, and Dithapelo is doing great in school.

 “God saved us.  He is my King, and I am His princess,” said Dithapelo.  “I know Jesus is watching over my family.  I love being here at school.  I like playing with my friends.  I am so happy.”

Ntebohe said, “I am very proud of Dithapelo. She taught us about prayer.  Because of what happened, I received Jesus into my heart. I know God has made a way for us.”

Dithapelo said with a big smile, “Thank you CBN!”

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