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Fire Chief Gives Up Job To Help Others

Tom is a lifesaver…something that started at a young age.

“I worked at the fire department during summers during high school, they gave me a job,” says Tom.  “I just fell in love with it.”

Tom quickly moved up the ranks and at the age of 24 became the youngest Fire Chief in the county.  But he soon learned that being in charge meant he couldn’t do what he loved most…helping people.

“I was just a manager managing a corporation that had a million dollar budget.  I didn’t get to do a whole lot of firefighting,” says Tom.  “I just felt so unhappy because I could see no way out.”

Tom wanted to quit, but he didn’t know what to do next.  So he prayed and got his answer one day watching “The 700 Club”.

“And Pat shook his finger and said, ‘God has a storehouse of every idea that has not yet been thought of. Ask Him for one’,” Tom recalls.  “So that’s what I did.”

As Tom prayed, an idea began to take shape.  He stepped down as Fire Chief and started a business training workers in industrial and workplace safety.

“God gave us the idea and God gave us the ability,” says Tom.  “He made it possible and then we had to exert the effort and use the abilities He gave us and just became very successful.”

Business has increased over twenty percent per year, year after year.  And as his business grew, Tom became a CBN partner.

“You give to CBN, you know that every penny of that is going to be used to its maximum ability and actually it’s going to be multiplied over and over,” says Tom.  “So you know that’s good investment.”

Today Tom has his dream job.  And now, he encourages people to trust God and pray for opportunities to help others.

“But the first thing you have to do is give. He’s going to take care of you,” Tom explains.  “You just do what He tells you to do.  Follow His leading.  Know His voice, learn to identify His voice.  And follow His leading.”

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