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He Missed His Mama

Marcello was heartbroken when he learned his mother was leaving their home in Indonesia to work in another country.  

“I tried to comfort myself with the fact that my mom wouldn’t be gone for long,” said Marcello.  

But then his mother announced she was divorcing Marcello’s father and leaving for good.

“I felt a great pain in my heart,” said Marcello pointing to his chest. “I tried to ignore it.  But it was so hard.

Some days I wondered, ‘What is Mom doing now? Has she eaten yet?’”    

“I could see how hurt he was from the blank stare on his face.  He was like that all the time,” added Marcello’s dad.  

Marcello went to church a few times when he was younger, but never understood the Bible or the Gospel Message, until he went to an afterschool program featuring CBN’s Superbook.   

“The first Superbook story I watched was In the Beginning.  I learned that I sinned just like Adam.

“I prayed after that and said, ‘Jesus, please come into my heart and forgive me for the sins I’ve done,’” said Marcello.

Something else happened for him after he prayed and watched other Superbook episodes.  

“Before I always missed my mom but after I prayed to Jesus, I became so much better.  Jesus took the sadness and gave me joy!” he recalled.   

Marcello is able to talk with his mom even though she is far away, and he loves telling both of his parents about what he’s learning through Superbook.  

“I keep telling my dad to always have a joyful heart.  Thank you Superbook!”

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