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Who Made the World?

One Sunday morning, Hongly heard some kids shouting in a nearby building.  Their teacher then waved for Hongly to join them.

“I have known this teacher since I was young,” said the ten-year-old.  “So I decided to go in.  That was the first time I ever saw Superbook.”

Hongly grew up in a traditional Buddhist family in Cambodia.

“My grandpa told me to learn Sanskrit,” he recalled.  “He said, ‘Learn it and I will make you into a monk.’ I said ‘I’m not sure I want to be a monk.’”

But Hongly did have some unanswered questions that morning as he walked into the church.  Like, ‘Who made the world?’  He told us that they were showing the Superbook Episode “In the Beginning.“

“I saw the Spirit flying around, and he said, ‘Lights on’ and created the light. He made the sky and the whole world! He even made Adam from the dust of the earth!”

The teacher invited everyone to pray that morning and Hongly, after watching only one episode of Superbook, gave his life to Jesus. 

After I believed in Jesus I was so happy because I knew He is the ‘World Maker,’ The Creator.”

The following weekend, Hongly talked to his parents and invited them to go to church. Then, just three weeks later, his whole family prayed to become Christians too.

“My mom and dad believe in Jesus now, and they go to church every week,” announced a delighted Hongly.  “When I was young I did not believe in Jesus but now i do! I am so grateful for Superbook!”

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