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How to Get Kids Excited About the Bible

When Lena White first heard about Superbook on The 700 Club, she knew she had to get it for her grandchildren. “I was just in awe, because it’s the Bible verbatim, and I just couldn’t wait to order it. The quality of the production is just superb. The producers of the DVD have just done a splendid job.”                      
Later, she decided to use them in her 2nd grade Sunday school class. “Part of the curriculum was that they had to learn a Bible verse every week,” Lena says. “I had the same two students who memorized the Bible verse. I wanted to reward them, but I was also trying to think of a way that would motivate the other students, and then I remembered Superbook,” she says.
Lena created 'Mrs. White’s Superbook Club.’ Students who memorized their Bible verses could check out one of her DVD’s for a week. But Lena wanted all her students to have a chance to watch the exciting Bible stories in Superbook, so she eventually let the whole class check them out. “Everyone was excited,” Lena reports. “So, with that, I said to them, ‘My expectation is that you learn a Bible verse every week.’”

“I’m still excited because not only do I get to teach my curriculum, they get to learn the Biblical lessons from Superbook,” Lena says. “Not only are they getting one lesson; they are getting two.”
Lena says they’re also showing Superbook to others. “They have shared with me how they have watched it with not just their family members, but also their friends, so it’s a domino effect in terms of bringing people closer to the knowledge of God,” Lena says proudly. “Some of their favorite episodes are Jonah and Noah’s Ark; they are the ones they are most excited about. What I know for sure is that they are learning more about the Bible.”
Lena’s husband Mike even learned to play the salvation song from Superbook. As a member of the Superbook Club, Lena owns every DVD in the series, and eagerly awaits each new edition. “There’s just so much evil in the world today, that through Superbook, it just teaches our children about morality, and how to apply God’s Word in their lives,” Lena says. “And that’s the reason I love Superbook.”

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