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How a Cartoon Turned Hate Into Love

“I thought that my mom loved him more than she loved me!” said Derek when he thought about the marriage between his mom and new stepdad. Derek said he made things as difficult as possible for his mom and his step-dad Raymond.

“I never obeyed him because I didn’t want him here,” said Derek.

Raymond told CBN that Derek frequently reminded him of his “position” in the family. 

“’Mind your own business!’ Derek told me. ‘I don’t need to listen to you because you’re not my dad!’”

Bitterness filled the boy’s heart. “I wanted them to fight so they would separate,” he said. “I wanted him to disappear.”

Heartbroken, Raymond continued to pray for his stepson. “I asked God why does he act this way? Everything I do, I do for him.”

One day Derek attended an Orphan’s Promise program run by a church partner in Ecuador. There he began to watch CBN’s Superbook.

“I love the episode about Moses, where he told Pharaoh to 'Let my people go!'” said Derek.   

Derek learned something else about Moses from that episode.

“I learned he had another family, just like me."

That day, Derek prayed with his teacher.   

“After the video she said, ‘Would you like to pray to receive Jesus?’ I said, ‘Yes! Lord I receive you as my King and my Savior.’”

Raymond noticed a change in the boy right away. “That’s when he changed. He identified with the story of Moses, and God changed him! I get emotional just thinking about it because he’s no longer rebellious. He’s the opposite!”

“My heart was full of joy when he called me dad for the first time!” added Raymond.  

“My life changed!” said Derek. “I’m no longer mean to my stepdad. God gave me a deep love for him!"

"I want to say ‘Thanks for Super Book.’ Your stories have changed my life!"

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