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Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Plays for Lasting Results

Russell Wilson’s rise to NFL achievement has been quick and distinct! In just four seasons, he’s led the Seattle Seahawks to two conference championships and the franchise’s first super bowl title. Russell says, “When you win, you hold up the Lombardi Trophy and it’s a unique thing. It’s a thing you’ve always worked for. And then you start thinking, ok when’s the next one coming, so that’s the exciting part.”   

The 3-time pro-bowl quarterback generates excitement! His athleticism and mobility make him the league’s most dangerous scrambler. But the elusive quarterback’s attempt at a second straight Super Bowl win, proved elusive too!  “We won Super Bowl XLVIII and unfortunately we lost Super Bowl XLIX. It’s as simple as that - playing the quarterback position, it’s a position that you get a lot of success, you get a lot of positive things and all that. But sometimes, you know, things don’t always go your way, too.”

Still lingering is the 2015 Super Bowl controversy of a second-guessed call with 26 seconds left in the game. Trailing the Patriots by four points, with 3 downs, 1 timeout and just one yard to score – a Russell Wilson pass was intercepted in the end zone, sealing a gut-wrenching loss. Walking off the field the quarterback heard reassuring encouragement, “It was a tough one. But, you know, God was kind of talking to me just saying, you know, ‘I’m using you.’ I want everybody else to see how He was going to use me and how I was going to respond. I think that’s anything in life. I think that when you go through ups and downs in life, I think that God wants to use us as vessels, you know, so that people can, you know, see and really figure out who He really is.”        

Straightforward in conveying his faith, Wilson is the same driven and determined field general who learned the fundamentals of redemption as a young teen.  Russell recalls,
“I know for me – the idea of surrendering – that’s the most important part of it - got saved when I was 14. Changed my life!”

Wilson eagerly lives what he believes with a perspective that looks past a playbook. He’s weathered loss, including the death of his 55-year old father before being drafted by the Seahawks. He explains, “God’s given us a tremendous opportunity to share our experience and share our lives with so many other people, to explain and to talk about why we’re here. To encourage others as I go through my walk and I try to help and love through other people’s walks, you know. Not judge, not condemn and Jesus has to be the center of it all and I think that loving people has to be the center of it all too because God is love.”

Russell rallies teammates and leads by example. Never outworked, his readiness and discipline are renown. He walks the balance of control and preparation with surrender and trust saying, “I think you surrender and trust, you know, once you’re prepared, I think that in terms of football, you study as much as you can, you put everything into it, And then, you know, you go out there and you surrender and trust that, you know, that guys are going to block for you, guys are going to make the plays, guys are going to play for each other. All those things you trust. There’s no reason not to trust that.”   

He’s become the face of a city and region. He’s also a national spokesman for several corporations. His Twitter posts at DangerRuss Wilson include weekly Tuesday visits at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Russell says, “For me, I try to focus on the kids and that experience has been a blessing for me to be here in Seattle and just to be able to share my faith and be able to get to see over 5,000 kids every year for my football camps. And that’s like the main thing I talk about is that God—God can use anybody, you know. I was a 5’ 11” guy that people thought I couldn’t do it. You know, for me it worked out just right.”  

The biblical story of an undersized David and an oversized Goliath has been a lifelong inspiration for the NFL’s shortest quarterback. It’s not the countenance of a man or his height, but his heart! What’s in his?  Russell answers,  “It’s Jesus. I think that’s the #1 thing. You know, and He’s the center of it all. So, you know, it seems so simple. But that’s the truth of it. I think that I’m never perfect or anything like that, but I think that ultimately, when you focus on God and let God kind of direct the whole path, things work out.”    

Just like they have on the field! Russell’s the rare quarterback whose passing accuracy actually improves when he’s on the run – earning big wins that enthrall Seahawk fans. But Russell takes the acclaim in stride, saying,  “My favorite scripture has been John 3:30. You know, He must increase but I must decrease.  Honor the Lord. That’s what it’s really about. Play for an audience of one! And I think that when you look back on the legacy of the Seahawks, hopefully it’s not just multiple Super Bowls, but hopefully we were able to change lives and save lives.”

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