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YouTube Star Says "Let's Be Real"

Natasha grew up in South Florida as the daughter of Candace Cameron Bure and NHL All-star Forward Valeri Bure.  They moved to Southern California in 2008.  Natasha started performing and entertaining her friends and family when she was a little girl and caught the singing bug by the time she was 10.  “I loved talking to everyone and performing and sharing stories,” says Natasha.  She was constantly putting on shows and hosted her own pretend web series called “The Natasha Show.”  When she was 14, Natasha joined social media but kept all of her accounts private until she was 15.  “Immediately I was bombarded with images of air-brushed models, picture-perfect selfies and flawless photos of friends and family,” says Natasha.  “I got caught up in the idea of presenting this facade of perfection as well.”  She began to post photos that looked like the images she saw.  “They were a made-up me,” she says.  “I became consumed by social media and the vision of how life is supposed to be full of perfect sunsets, perfect blowouts, and perfect people.”  Soon she understood how far from reality social media really is.  “I had to learn to not let social media run my life,” says Natasha.  “I had to learn not to compare myself to the images on the screen, because half of those images aren’t even achievable. Those are highlight reels.”

Natasha attended private Christian school until she was in 10th grade where she was surrounded by people who shared her faith.  After she started in public school, Natasha was no longer around people who encouraged her to live a Christian lifestyle.  “My family helped me stay on the right path,” she says. She realized the importance of choosing friends wisely. “I believe you become who you hang around with.” Though she grew up in a loving family, Natasha felt isolated and alone.  As she opened up to some of her friends, Natasha realized many of them felt the same way.  “Of course I had struggles; we all do.  And if we can help each other, we should!” After graduating from high school at 17, her parents suggested she go to college.  Natasha decided to improve her skills, studying dance, singing and acting, elements she needed to pursue the career she desired instead.  When Natasha discovered YouTube, she realized it was the perfect outlet for her.  

Natasha says her parents raised her with strong values.  “They taught me so much about morals and faith,” she says.  “They read me the Bible and took me to church every week.  They shared the love of Christ with me.”  As she has gotten older, Natasha says she has had to decide whether or not to accept the faith she was brought up with.  She reminds young girls that there are challenges that will make them uncomfortable.  “These high-pressure scenarios force you to either own your values and stand by them strongly or compromise what you know to be right which usually leaves you feeling crummy,” says Natasha.  Though there are times when her actions don’t reflect her faith, Natasha says her Christian faith is incredibly important to her.  “I find my identity in Christ,” she says.  

Becoming a teen is an incredible time of change.  “It begins by getting to know the real you,” says Natasha.  She reminds her peers to focus on what is exciting to them instead of what everyone else is doing.  Many of her friends were posting sexy photos on social media.  Once Natasha uploaded a picture from a modeling shoot where she was in a ballgown in a bathtub full of water.  When her mom Candace saw the picture, she explained why some people might have viewed Natasha’s photo as sexual.  Immediately she took it down.  “It’s a lesson I’ll never forget, one I understand better now that I’m a little older.”
After singing on The View for her mom’s 40th birthday, producers from The Voice called and asked if she would audition.  When she performed on The Voice in 2016, Natasha says she was jittery and anxious but she learned a lot about herself, her talents and her decision to pursue music. “It helped me grow.  I think I’m always going to have the jitters before any performance,” she says.  “But the experience showed me I want to keep improving my self-confidence.” Sadie Robertson, who wrote the forward of Natasha’s book, met eachother when they were both juniors in high school.  Natasha will sing “You’re Beautiful.”

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Author, Let’s Be Real, 2017 Zondervan

Daughter of actress Candace Cameron Bure (former co-host, The View) and NHL All-star Forward Valeri Bure

Singer, Social media celebrity

Debuted on The Voice, October 2016