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According to the Oxford Journal, only 6% of people actually end up doing what they dreamed of as a child.  “Dreams don’t always pan out,” says Chad.  Many are left to wonder, Where do I go from here?  Chad says, “It’s hard for us to imagine the possibilities and all that God has in store for us.”  We wonder, Does God really have something more for me? Chad points out that it is difficult to trust God during the difficult times.  When he was 21, fresh out of Bible college, Chad worked at a church in LA with their youth ministry.  This was the life he dreamed of and had accomplished what he had set out to do, but there was drama (money and leadership issues).  Chad felt like he was watching his dream crumble around him.  As he planned an exit strategy, Chad prayed for God to make a way out.  “But God surprised me,” he says.  “Instead of encouraging me to leave, He asked me to stay.”  Chad wasn’t sure why God would want him in such a toxic environment but he felt it was the right thing to do.  Two years later, Chad got a phone call from a pastor in Seattle asking Chad to come up and pastor the youth in his church.  “I knew it was time,” says Chad.  “It was for this opportunity that God had asked me to stick around.” But at his first meeting, there were 50 kids.  “My dreams were shattered again,” he says. Again he felt the Lord tell him, Trust me.  God started showing Chad a vision of thousands of students.  “He showed me lives changing for the better and a whole city being impacted,” says Chad.  That vision wouldn’t come to pass for another 5 years.  “Things weren’t always easy,” he says.  “I failed countless times, but God had a plan during it all.” Since that day, Chad says God has been good to him in so many ways.  “I still beat myself up over mistakes or failures, but God keeps finding ways to lead me into His picture of success.

In 2008, Chad and Julia were dating.  He was speaking at a youth conference and this was the first time Julia would see what Chad did for work.  As he walked on the stage, Chad realized that chairs were half full.  His heart sank.  Chad tried to shake the disappointment and look at the audience.  “The numbers I had asked God for, all of it failed,” says Chad who vowed to never ask God for anything like that again.  But Chad says we shouldn’t let disheartening times like that turn us into non-askers.  Chad realized that sometimes getting a NO from God is better than a full YES from Him.  Other times it might be a NOT YET because we need to learn and grow before seeing our dream fulfilled.  The dream or plan we have for our lives may seem like they have failed, but Chad says there are 5 action steps to step forward into our God-given potential:

  1. Replace your plan with God’s.  As great as your plan is, you can trust God’s is better.  Think of it as an exchange and watch what God does.
  2. Believe in yourself.  Remind yourself of the gifts he has given you.
  3. Take a risk.  Write down one risk you need to take, count the cost then take that risk.  If you don’t step out in faith, God can’t move!
  4. Remember that God is on your side.  The creator of the universe is in your corner.  He is guiding you down the right path!
  5. Listen to the right voice.  God’s voice is clear if you take the time to listen.  Lean into His Word and start making an effort to hear about His plan for your life.

Chad and Julia grew up in Seattle.  Both of their dads went to college together, came to the Lord together, became pastors together and raised their children together.  Chad is quick to mention that he and Julia were not childhood sweethearts.  Chad went off to college, moved to LA, worked as a youth pastor and missed over seven years of holidays.  When he finally managed to get back, he noticed Julia had grown up!  They were married in 2008.

On April 10, 2012, Chad and Julia’s daughter Georgia (GiGi) was four months old and was diagnosed with lissencephaly (pronounced liss-sen-seph-ahlee), which is often referred to as smooth brain.  ‘It’s a day we will never forget,” says Chad.  Doctors said she would never develop past three months, nor would she walk, crawl or talk.   “The reality was that the doctors had put a life sentence on my daughter,” Chad says.  “They told us that children with the disorder have a life expectancy of about ten years.”  Since the diagnosis, GiGi has experienced seizures and spasms.  “We’ve trusted God,” says Chad.  “I had enough understanding that God didn’t do this.  We live in a fallen planet.”  Their faith has been tested.  Chad says they choose to hold on to hope.  “God can heal her.  If He doesn’t do it now, she will be healed on the other side,” he says.  There’s no doubt, the Veaches have been on a several-year journey.  Through the pain, Chad says he’s found God everywhere and discovered something completely unreasonable.  “Despite how things may seem, hope is possible even in the most impossible situations.”

Chad reminds us that the enemy uses offense and bitterness to move us away from our destiny.  “Let’s steer clear of offense.  I am not offended.  I am not mad at God.  We’ve never seen Jesus more clearly.  Paul said God comforts us so we can comfort others.  Our story gets people to relate to us,” says Chad.  Though strong in their faith, it was difficult for Chad and Julia not to compare their daughter and her progress to other people’s children.  “We had to learn to work against resentment, to not let it grow into something that would ruin our lives,” he says.  In 2015, they left the comfort of Seattle to plant a church in West Hollywood.  (Their pastor is Judah Smith.)

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Author, his latest: Faith Forward Future, Nelson 2017

Pastor, Zoe (pronounced Zo-a) Church, West Hollywood, CA since 2015

Former Youth Pastor in Seattle and LA for the last 16 years

Wife: Julia, 8 years

Children: Georgia, 5, Winston, 2 and Maverick, 1


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